The site is run by the XR steering group at SDU. The group consists of members from different faculties and administrative units across SDU. The group was established in 2018 as an initiative to consolidate and share knowledge across SDU, about projects and events related to immersive technologies, such as Virtual Reality and Augmented reality (hereafter XR). The group’s first activity was an XR network day at campus Odense, which turned into a seminar with presentations, hand on demos and more than 100 attendees (read more in “activities”). The steering group meets on a quarterly basis or more, depending on demand.

The formal purpose of the XR Club is to:

  • Be a meeting point for stakeholders within XR at SDU as well as for external stakeholders. “When competencies meet, novelty emerge”
  • Consolidate the “body” of projects – Competencies and interest in the field of XR is in constant movement and in its current state, often carried by individuals. A mapping of competencies in the XR field is important for interanal as well as external stakeholders and for the quality in projects and collaborations.
  • Educate – The XR network will work for wider and more education education within the filed of XR.
  • Ideate – Support idea development and funding applications.

In this way, the network seeks to support the four pillars:

  • Sharing of knowledge.
  • Sharing of experience.
  • Strengthen a sustainable eco-system at SDU regarding XR.
  • Build and maintain external relations.

Current members of the XR steering group:

Cita Nørgård, SDUUP
Mads Kildegaard Kristjansen, student, Development lab, TEK SDU
Thomas Lambertsen Binzer, Psykiatrien i Region Syddanmark
Eskild Laurens Andresen, VitaSim
Christian Hammerich, ITI
Lasse Juel Larsen, Institut for Kulturvidenskaber
Jacob Nielsen, MMMI
Finn Skøtt Hansen, SDU RIO